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A selection of some of my Best photographs covering the World
Road in Northern Thailand91 year old monkLighting strike over Phnom PenhNovice Monk and Elder MonkBest of FreindsSword beating at Phuket Vegetarian festivalHorse cart around the temples at Bagan, BurmaSunset over the Tonle Sap River, Phnom PehnCharcoal girl in Phnom PehnTattooed Chin Lady, Mindat, BurmaView from Mandalay HillTaj Malal, Agra, IndiaSunset at Angkor Wat from Phnom BakhengOn the road in CambodiaOnly in CambodiaCambodia, "SE Asia", Temples, "Angkor Wat",Female MonksThree Girls on Bicycle in VillageShadowsMonks waiting

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