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Pictures of the devestation caused by the Tsunami that hit the West coast of Thailand Dec 26th 2004
Navy boat 400 meters from the sea Koh LakNavy boat 400 meters from the sea Koh LakUpside down car in PatongSoi Post Office, Patong BeachPatong Beach Dec 28thKoh Lak Hotel Dec 29thKoh Lak Hotel Dec 29thThai flag over landfill Patong BeachBoard of those missingpaintings of the TsunamiSoi Post office Patong BeachSoi Post Office, Patong BeachLe Merdian Khao LakKoh Lak HotelSurvivors  camp Koh LakBeach at Koh Lak  10 days after teh Tsunami hitKoh Lak

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