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I attended the funeral of this old man in Northern Thailand. He had been living in the Mae La Burmese (Karen) refugee camp alongside the road outside Mae Sot Thailand for 25 years. One of the largest camps with over 40,000 residents, many of the Karens have spent years here.

The Thai government allows them to stay and they are allowed to work occasionally in Thailand to earn some extra money, but as they cannot return to Burma and they are not Thai citizens their future and the future of their children is very bleak
Funeral ProsessionFuneral ProsessionFuneral ProsessionFuneral ProsessionKaren people in FuneralFuneral Prosession_DSC8176_DSC8177_DSC8180_DSC8183_DSC8184Removing the non esential  decorations_DSC8187_DSC8208PrayersOfferings for the MonksMonkOfferings to carry him to the other world.JPGThe last thread that binds him to this earthKaren Lady

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