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Spent 9 days traveling down the Chindwin River in Western Myanmar stayed in Khamti, Tamanthi, Homalin, Mawliak and Kalewa before taking a mini bus to Monwya

If your looking to get away from tourist, this is the area to visit, did not see one for the entire trip.
Early Morning looking over the Chindwin RiverLady portraitSide street in KhamtiRiver life on the ChindwinChindwin RiverRiver sceneChindwin River at KhamtiLady Portrait.1Lady in Market, KhamtiLady Portrait.2Lady in Market 3Early morning KhamtiMom & BabyOld manWalking to the boatLovely Mom & BabyNaga homes outside KhamtiTwo LadiesLady in Naga villageThe muddy Chindwin

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