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Back to Mandalay and rented bike from Zach and headed out to do a trip thru the Chin State ( the poorest state in Burma) in western Burma. 1,600 kms in 10 days and wow, what a trip, Highlight was being in the mtns thru most of the trip and visiting the tattooed Chin Ladies outside Mindat
Mandalay- Kale- Falam- Hakha- Gangaw- Mindat- Mt Popa- Mandalay
down to the river, than up again88 year old Daw Yaw Hting from MindatBoy in field with OxenBasket Carriers on the roadBetween Kale and FallamRainy day in FalamChin StateRoad between Falam and HakhaHahka townHakhaHakha street sceneHakha with RainbowChin boy with dadPublic crossing guardHakha morning with fogFieldsthe roadTrucks on muddy roadUn-named villageInside coffee shop

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