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Photos from our trip in Nov 2015

Kep (and Rabbit Island)
Once Cambodia's most popular and prestigious beach town, Kep has fallen on hard times in recent years. From the early 1900s until the 1960s, it was a thriving resort town for the French and Cambodian elite. Most of Kep's villas are abandoned, but some of the town's former splendor is still apparent.

Now more and more tourists are finding their way here for some great seafood and quiet time. Plenty of Bungalows to accommodate all types of travelers, But bring your own excitement as not much to do but eat, enjoy the water and fantastic sunsets.

It is one of the newest Cambodian provinces, together with Pailin and Sihanoukville, created by Royal Decree on 22 December 2008

10 years on and i feel it will be Cambodia's premier area.
Kep Beach.1Kep BeachCrab Market-KepKepOne of Kep's abandoned Villas.1Wall inside a abandoned villaGraffiti in one of Kep's VillasInside a villaOne of Kep's abandoned VillasRabbiit islandRabbit island pierRabbiit island.2Rabbiit island.1Rabbbit island bungalowDucks with 1 roosterOld Lady-Kampot Marketlady-Kampot Market

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