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Flew into Yangon (Rangon) and spent a few days exploring the city and taking in the Shwedagon & Sule Paya's (pagodas) in town, the local markets, Bogyoke market and China town before heading south

Yangon -Kyaithkya (Golden Rock)
3 hours bus ride and than a Fantastic 45 minute ride in an open top truck to the top to view the Golden rock. A site not to be missed and one of the holiest spots for Burmese in all of Myanmar, the ride to the top was worth the trip.

Kyaithkya- Hpa-an;
Was told to be in front of the hotel at 10 am for the bus to pick me up, BUT as usual, the hotel got it wrong and ended up taking a 30 minute ride on the back of a motorcycle to the next town to catch the Local bus to Hpa-An. Rented a motorcycle and headed out into the countryside to visit the local caves and a small Pagoda built in the center of a lake. Amazing

Hpa-An- Mawlamyne
Hpa-an is a really amazing place to hang out for a few days, right on the river, lot to see and do, (caves, temples). Boat down to Mawlamyine was only $5 and took 2 hours.

6 hour train ride thru the countryside, really nice small town stayed at the American run ( with his Burmese wife) starlight gh siting above the lake.. Ye gets very few tourists as most by pass it in their hurry to get to Dawei, but it is worth the nights stop.

Ye- Dawei;
5 hours on a local bus thru the mountains over some pretty tough roads. Great early morning seafood market on the river and some very friendly vendors. Rented a bike and headed to the beaches. Maungmagan is he closest beach, about 20 kms from town, but than headed south further thru small villages on dirt roads for another hour and arriving at Nabule, miles and miles of white sand beach, crystal clear water and not a bungalow, restaurant or person in sight. Absolutely beautiful and I imagine what the beaches in Thailand looked like 50 + years ago.

Dawei- Myeik;
Left my hotel at 12:30 AM to the tour office where we took a bus an hour to the pier where the fast Air con boat left at 3:30 am. Arrived 5 hours later and the Hotel Grand Jade allowed me to check in at 9:30am

From Myeik the next day, it was a 7 hour boat ride south to Kwathoung on the Andaman sea, passing hundreds of small uninhabited islands & fishing villages.
Than a 30 minute longtail ride to Ranong an back in Thailand and 6 hours more back to Phuket
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