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Road trip from Phuket to Northern Thailand and thru Issan to Northern & Eastern Cambodia, Phnom Pehn & Kep July- August 2016
Sunrise in Cha amHeadless Buddhas at AyuthayaHeadless Buddha in the Old PalaceWat Chai Wattanaram-AyuthayaWat Chai Wattanaram- built 1630Buddha at Wat ThammikaratWat Phra Ram- SunsetGirl and Metal monkWhite templeSculpture White temple 3Vision of HellNorthern Thailand roadRice fields  nothern THailandThai MonkMonk in 350 year old WatBan Doi Pui  Humong VillageDusk at Phu Chi FaEarly morning Phu Chi FaThe Mekong looking across to LaosMekong at sunset

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