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I have always been fascinated with Asians and their unique sleeping habits. Unlike westerners, Asians seem to be able to sleep/nap where ever they are. Be it at a busy market, on the sidewalks, on the job or where ever they find themselves tired. I could not even imagine falling asleep in a busy market but for Asians this does not seem to be a problem

This is a on going photo essay so check back every month or so to see where i have seen Asians catching a few ZZZZZZ's.
One of the homeless at Wat PhnomPassed out in the Haight.At the StationLove LaneChild & Monkey at Wat Phnom_DSC7071two kids asleepNapping in an Old CarAsleep on the steps at Wat Phnom.jpgNappingAsleepKings Cross, SydneyAsleep at the market_DSC7056_DSC7059_DSC7073Asleep at the MarketAsleep near the Train stationAsleep on the JobAsleep on the Tonle Sap

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