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Irawaddy River 2,170 kms
My Trip originated in Myitkyina, but unfortunately we had to fly to Bhamo as that part of the river was closed because of fighting.

First day was 7 1/2 hours down to Katha where I stayed for 2 nights, A delightful small town where George Orwell lived in 1926.

From there it was a 14 hour Express boat trip to Mandalay, stopping at many small local villages to offload and accept new passengers.

We Passed thru 3 defiles ( or gorges). As it was pre-monsoon the river was shallow and we spent much of our time zig zagging down the river.

All in all a very peaceful way to travel in Myanmar without the hustle and noise one puts up with taking bus's or trains.
Irawaddy RiverDowntown MytikyinaYoung girl monk in PinkMom & kid in MarketMarketStrawberries & GrapesMoslem manMarket sellerGirl eating watermellonMarketBlind man & PhoneMan sleepingBhamo river sideOld ladyProduce market on the streetsInside TempleRickshaw driverShop on the watersleepingExpress boat Bhamo -Katha

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