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Each year the Laguna area of Phuket releases Sea Turtles that are on the protected status list back into the Sea. The turtles are between 2 and 3 years old and are raised here in Phuket at the Turtle center at Mah Khao. Lat year over 350,000 baht was raised to allow the project to continue plus allow two turtles to have tracking devices added to their backs before they were released so that their movements may be monitored.
CermenonySand SculptureKids as turtleKids at LagunaTurtleTurtlesturtle3Ms. Thailand Universe & Deputy Govenor of PhuketTurtle with Tracking unitKids release TurtlesReleasing the turtlesHeading back to the SeaMedia FrenzyOff to the SeaOn his wayHeading back home

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